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Keʻehi Boat Club

Honolulu, Hawaii — Established 1970


Contact Us:
Keʻehi Boat Club
4 Sand Island Access Rd
Box #44
Honolulu, HI 96819-2221
(808) 841-7271
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Latest News

Race Results - Wednesday Night 5/10/2017
1st place - Stubborn Beaver. 2nd place - Impulse 21. 3rd place - Ginger Lei. Click for full results!

Race Results - Wednesday Night 2/1/2017
1st place - Ginger Lei. 2nd place - Knot Right. 3rd place - Wolfie. Click for full results!

Race Results - Wednesday Night 12/14/2016
1st place - Wolfie. Click for full results!

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